Sky's the Limit 14 Jul 2023

Sky’s the Limit’s LIMITLESS! Spotlights Founder Cameron Cox


Limitless! featuring Cameron Cox

Welcome to Sky’s the Limit’s Limitless! Blog Series.

Read exclusive interviews with some of the most inspirational and motivating entrepreneurs around, featuring the stories of people who inspire us and encourage us to think differently and #BeLimitless every day. We're spotlighting Founder Cameron Cox — we hope you enjoy his story.

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Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A:  What inspired me to start my own business were humans.

Q: What keeps you motivated day-to-day to keep working on your business?

A:  Serving God is the reason I wake up. Serving humanity is how I stay connected to my source of power.

Q: How have mentors and other entrepreneurs played a role in moving your business forward?

A:  The information my mentors gave me are steps I use in my own business now. My company went from looking for a developer to offering the services of designing and developing websites/apps for my clients. My sales did increase from the clarity I received. They doubled and possibly tripled because I offer new services and receive new prospects daily. Since February 2023, 2 out of 3 prospects become a customer. That isn't including sales from my music and clothing.

Q: What’s the #1 challenge you’ve faced, and how’d you overcome it?

A: The 1 challenge I have ever had to face was myself. I forced myself to face "fears" and now I don't feel challenged if I am not scared.

Q: How did you approach funding for your business?

A: Lord Shu (Cameron Cox) is known to party. I met many people partying who love me. First, I made my brand centered around me. Most of my projects are funded through crowdfunding from the party people. I was told about grants by my very first mentor, and she helped me sign up to Sky's the limit. Sky's the Limit helped me out as well with funding. In having more capital, I reinvested back into my business and saved money with mentors offering their services pro bono. I took full advantage of that and continued the reinvesting process. Of course, good old credit never failed me. This process helped build my credit, too.

Q: How do you manage your time between working on your business and other aspects of your life?

A: I made my business my life. If I am not working, I am asleep.

Q: Any words of wisdom or inspiration you’d give someone just starting out?

A: I would suggest learning who you are and being comfortable with that. Once you know yourself, you know your fears. Now you can force yourself to face them and defeat them all.