Sky's the Limit 20 Sep 2022

Sky’s the Limit’s LIMITLESS! Event Spotlights Founder Victor Sandifer


Limitless! featuring Victor Sandifer

Welcome to Sky’s the Limit’s Limitless! Blog Series.

Read exclusive interviews with some of the most inspirational and motivating entrepreneurs and mentors around, featuring the stories of people who inspire us and encourage us to think differently and #BeLimitless every day. This month spotlights Founder Victor Sandifer — we hope you enjoy his story.

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Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A: I was inspired to create Run The World from my experience in college. I took my first African American Studies course in the second semester of my freshman year and was amazed by how much history I did not know or was not taught in high school or middle school. At that moment I dedicated myself to becoming an educator so that I could share African American history with others. So I created Run The World to offer an alternative form of experiential education that is modern, comprehensive, accessible and lasting.

Q: What keeps you motivated day-to-day to keep working on your business?

A: Because being an educator is my life’s work, my mission is to continue to share information with and about my community at the forefront. This keeps me motivated day-to-day.

Q: How have mentors and other entrepreneurs played a role in moving your business forward?

A: Having mentors has helped me see my business from a different perspective. Being the person that is creating and building it on a daily basis can sometimes make it hard to see your business from an objective point of view. Good mentors have always shared with me their honest opinions and have helped me grow and build a stronger business. Also, having mentors and other entrepreneurs on my side has helped me build a stronger network. When they come across other people and resources that I may need, they always share them with me.

Q: What’s the #1 challenge you’ve faced, and how’d you overcome it?

A: I tried to do everything for my business, and it burnt me out. It wasn't until I began to trust others to help and complete tasks that I began to see my business grow exponentially. You cannot do everything!

Q: How did you approach funding for your business?

A: I started off by funding my business with my own money. I think it is important to show that you believe in yourself first before you get others to believe in you. Since growing my business, I have used various ways to secure funding from programs like Sky's The Limit and also researching other grants and programs that offer diverse funding opportunities for startups. There are a lot of grants out there!

Q: How do you manage your time between working on your business and other aspects of your life?

A: I have learned under what circumstances am I the most productive. For me I am very focused and productive in the mornings. So I make sure that I block off my morning to do work. I also make sure to practice grace with myself. I am not so hard on myself when I am not the most productive. Also, having a calendar with reminders is your best friend!

Q: Any words of wisdom or inspiration you’d give someone just starting out?

A: Do not let perfection keep you from starting and putting yourself out there. Now is the perfect time to try.