Laura Plato 8 Mar 2022

Sky’s the Limit Launches New Web Series: LIMITLESS!

Sky’s the Limit Launches New Web Series: LIMITLESS!

Welcome to Sky’s the Limit’s Limitless!

Read exclusive interviews with some of the most inspirational and motivating entrepreneurs and mentors around, featuring stories of the people who inspire us and encourage us to think differently and #BeLimitless every day. This month spotlights De’Shera Benton, Founder of D. Milan Hospitality – we hope you enjoy her story. And, if you’d like to hear more from De’Shera, be sure to join us for Episode 1 of the new Web Series Limitless! live on Zoom. Register Today!

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A: Ever since I took a Marketing class my senior year of high school, I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I admired the small business owners in my community and how their presence made an impact on us as their patrons. I wanted to become a pillar in the communities that I did business in. I just didn’t know how or what type of business to start. But I knew I would become a serial entrepreneur. It wasn’t until I graduated with my masters in 2020 and couldn’t find a job in my field that I decided to officially start my own business. I found that me as a brand was a business in itself because I provide inspiration, hope, and guidance for my clients in their current lifespaces. 

Q: What keeps you motivated day-to-day to keep working on your business?

A: TIME FREEDOM – Honestly, the life that I envision for myself and my family. I have a true desire to retire my parents and loved ones early. I want to have the flexibility and time to spend and make precious memories. I also want to inspire the next generation to know that they can accomplish their dreams and make them into a reality.  

Q: How have mentors and other entrepreneurs played a role in moving your business forward?

A: My mentors are so awesome! They have helped me to think through my ideas and get ORGANIZED! I am an innovative person, so ideas come into my mind all the time! Even in my sleep and dreams! My mentors have helped me to take things step by step, focus on the areas that I can accomplish easily, and give me ideas of how to tackle different projects I have. Their opinions have helped me in my decision-making. 

Q: What’s one challenge you’ve faced, and how’d you overcome it?

A: Being a millennial, I have grown up in a microwave society where instant gratification is the norm. Well, when I launched my business, I just thought I was going to go viral. Thank God I didn’t because I was not ready to handle the volume of going viral! I changed my perspective of starting off slow and realizing that when it is my time to grow and scale it will. My biggest challenge was investing all of my money into growing the business and not getting an initial return on investment. But, I overcame it with a mindset shift of learning and understanding that I also invested in my knowledge and abilities. I now know what I am capable of and how to scale the business. I always tell my clients, “An L is not a loss – it is always a Lesson.” 

Q: How did you approach funding for your business?

A: In my eagerness, I started off with my personal savings to fund the administrative and operational costs (i.e. registration, website, etc). Once I realized that I needed more, I started utilizing my personal credit cards (which I don’t recommend!). I applied for different grant programs and business loans. I was awarded one grant which helped me to sustain and purchase inventory. 

Q: How do you manage your time between working your business and other aspects of your life?

A: I designed my schedule so that my business only takes approximately 25-30 hours per week depending on the project. This gives me the flexibility to have additional hours throughout the week to enjoy my family, my dog, and practice self-care. I have even made sure that I block out on my calendar for holidays, my birthday month, and family events. My goal as an entrepreneur was to make sure that I have as much time freedom as I would like to enjoy life. I am a part-time entrepreneur and full-time life enthusiast! 

Q: Any words of wisdom or inspiration you’d give someone just starting out?

A: One of my mentors told me to always remember my WHY. WHY stands for WHAT HURTS YOU…  What hurts me is that I have lost a lot of loved ones since the age of 10 years old. Missing out on so many memories with them has pushed me to desire time freedom to make precious memories with the loved ones that are still here with me. When things get tough, and you want to give up, if you remember what hurts you it will help you to stay focused on pursuing your goals. With that said, spend some time and ask yourself today, what is your WHY? 

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