Damilola Adepoju

Dami’s products combine flexibility, durability, and self-expression for the modern consumer.

Fini Shoes | Fashion & Apparel | New York, NY

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“Fini is a lifestyle shoe that I created to provide the possibility to customize up to six different looks with one pair of shoes, all accessories included. The brand aims to provide flexibility and durability to consumers.”

What challenges have you faced in life that make becoming an entrepreneur more difficult OR better prepared you for entrepreneurship?

Being part of a team sport

When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

After my first job

What or who inspires you?  

Fear of being mediocre

What are your dreams for the future:

Having a shoe store in NYC

How has Skysthelimit.org helped you on your journey?

Introduced me to the right mentors, similar entrepreneurs and provided funding

Any advice for other young adults who might be considering entrepreneurship?

Start yesterday

Are you ready to take that first step in launching or growing your business?

Or, are you interested in mentoring or advising entrepreneurs like Damilola?

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